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We need to step up.
Be more visible.
Be more public.


We need to step up.
Be more visible.
Be more public.

Did you know that Albert Einstein’s first wife, physicist Mileva Marić contributed significantly to his groundbreaking science? Or that without Emily Warren Roebling the Brooklyn Bridge might never have been completed? And that three African-American mathematicians (Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson) were essential to the success of early space flights by Nasa. History is full of invisible women. Women who have made major contributions in science, economics, business, media and arts and whose work has gone unnoticed.

We all need role models who can inspire us throughout our lives, be that as young women, aspiring leaders or changemakers. Seeing women in positions of authority, pursuing their passions, and making meaningful contributions ignites a sense of self-belief and motivation in women.

When women are prominently present across various fields and platforms, it challenges gender stereotypes and biases that often hinder our advancement and recognition. By showcasing our diverse talents, contributions, and perspectives, we will normalise women’s leadership.

Who was your role model growing up? Did she look like you? Did she come from the same background as you? As Marian Wright Edelman said “You cannot be what you cannot see”, and we want the world to see YOU: the rule-breaker, the change-maker, the leaders and trailblazer. Join our movement to shine the light on the incredible women who are making our world a better place for others. 

  • And this is why you should apply (yourself) or register women from your company:
  • Recognition and validation: Showcase your accomplishments and impact so that others in your organisation and industry can see them.
  • Boost your confidence and credibility: Receive the encouragement to continue pursuing your leadership aspirations and inspire other women to follow in your footsteps.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other successful women, expand your professional network, open doors to new opportunities, and gain valuable mentorship and support.
  • Career advancement: Showcase your leadership potential and achievements to potential employers or promotion committees. Increase your chances of getting promoted, landing a new job, or securing a board position.

Does your company have exceptional women making significant differences in their field? Recognizing and amplifying their achievements is crucial for inspiring future generations and fostering a more equitable future. The Women Visibility Awards provide a powerful platform to showcase the talents and contributions of remarkable women.

By nominating your employees, you’re not just celebrating their individual journeys, but also sending a strong message about your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and creating a space where women can thrive. The awards shine a light on role models, paving the way for others to rise and achieve their full potential.

Take this opportunity to honor the women who are shaping your company and the world around them. Nominate them today and be part of creating a future where women leaders are celebrated and empowered. Celebrate the Power of Women Leaders: Nominate Today!


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26th March 2024

Rabozaal Stadschouwburg Amsterdam

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